About Jellyfish

Positions on SaCKA's Ex Co: Secretary (2009- present), Treasurer (2010- present), CPO (2010- present). Positions on Crewe's Ex Co: Development Officer (2009-present), CP0, (2010-2011), Secretary (2011-present). Qualified Level 2 Coach and Theory Ref 2009

Dragons Roar to Success in Opening Match of the Season

Well done to both Keele University Crusaders and Castle Dragons for an exciting start to the 2012/2013 season. Unfortunately this reporter was a couple of miles down the road in North Staffs at the time, but I’m reliably informed that the match was exciting, with¬†excellent play from both teams – and really good to see some new faces amongst the familiar ones too! Final score 7-4 to Dragons in a home win at Gordon Banks.

Well Done on a Successful 2011/2012 Season

Well done to all the players, officials and hard work in general put in to make SaCKL 2011/2012 such a success! Our biggest league yet (3 clubs, 6 teams!) was a challenge to sort out logistically with players (and venues) proving adaptable to life’s little mishaps!

Keep your eyes peeled for the SaCKA Awards, this year to include:

  • Most goals scored (girl)
  • Most goals scored (boy)
  • Most Valued Player (overall)
  • Most Valued Team (overall)
  • One to Watch (overall)

Don’t Forget the Manchester Mini League in April/ May for those member of Castle or Crewe¬†– see your club captains and committees for details on how to sign up.

Also! Coming Soon! The SaCKA Cup! Keep your eyes and ears open for a debut this summer of an informal league between the clubs in SaCKA to keep up the competition (and training) regime during the off season. More info to follow, but here’s a snippit:

  • Everyone is eligible to enter (as long as you’re over 14 years old)
  • Every team will play every team in a round robin format
  • Probably taking place on Monday evenings in the “local” area
  • Probably taking place outdoors on either grass or astroturf full size pitches (preparation for the summer tournaments!)